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PhotoRescue Pro 6.8

Versatile file recovery tool to help you retrieve lost or deleted image files
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PhotoRescue Pro is a well-designed software tool capable of recovering any lost, deleted, or corrupt image file from any kind of data storage device, even when the drive in question has been formatted. It supports nearly all types of image files and of data storage devices, such as hard drives, USB disks, CompactFlash and SD cards, or Flash memory sticks.

The entire recovery process is highly intuitive and designed to be useful for all kinds of users, though some steps will require inexperienced users to read the instructions provided carefully in order to make the right choices. To make it easier, though, PhotoRescue Pro offers you a wizard-like structure that guides you through the entire process in six simple and well-documented steps.

It performs a sector-by-sector scan of the selected drive looking for traces of previously existing files, providing you with accurate information of all the deleted images found. It can detect the presence of up to 31 types of image files – including some well-known RAW formats (like Canon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony, to name but a few) – as well as some other media, such as WAV audio files and AVI, MOV, and MPEG videos. Whenever you select a deleted image file for recovery, the program will show you a thumbnail of the image in question to help you decide if you really want it or not. Retrieved images will be copied – sector by sector – in a different (and safer) drive.

PhotoRescue Pro is certainly a useful and effective application, capable of recovering files that you thought lost for good.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-like, attractive interface
  • Supports nearly all image file formats
  • Fast scan
  • Recovers deleted files in all kinds of drives and devices
  • Retrieves lost files from formatted drives


  • Some features require a certain level of expertise
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